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Introduction to Writing Java Applets and their Validation
Getting Started. Freeware Java Workbench and Development Kit. Simple Applet with Graphics. Validation.

RF Analysis Aids:
Noise Figure, Transmission Line Principles ,VSWR of Cascaded Mismatches

RF Chain Components:
Transmission Line Filter, Directional Coupler, Mixer Intermodulation Components

Parabolic Antenna Design, Antenna Arrays, Antenna Polarisation Coupling, Antenna Near-Field Power

Amplifier Dynamic Range, Operation of Limiting Amplifiers, Compression Amplifier Design

Demodulator Noise Performance:
Square-Law Detector, Quadrature Demodulator, Linear Vector Demodulator

Signal Detection:
Probability Analysis, False Alarms, Probability of Signal Detection, Pulse Detection and Measurement Thresholding: Pulse Thresholding, Receiver Triggering Probability, Multi-Input Video-OR Threshold, Vector Threshold, Multisample Video Integration

Microwave Receivers:
RF Amplifier Detector-Video Receiver, Heterodyne Receiver, Homodyne Receiver, Interferometer Receiver, Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) Receiver, Compressive Receiver, Coherent Receiver, Zero-IF I/Q Receiver, Digital FFT Receiver

EW Measurement Systems:
Multi-discriminator IFM and Interferometer Design, Circular matrix DF, Amplitude Comparison DF Systems

Operational Performance:
Microwave Signal Propagation, Multipath and Reflections, ESM Clutter, Passive Location Accuracy, ESM Range Advantage

Course notes and a sample of the author's interactive ebook are provided.

Course Arrangement:
On-site courses for one to five days can be arranged, contact to arrange course content, email:

Course Tutor:
Peter W East OBE FREng CEng FIET


Updated November 29th 2012