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Java Powered Interactive Microwave Design

by Peter W. East

Hardcopy book plus CDROM updated version published by Artech House Inc, (ISBN 978-1-59693-256-2), January 2008

The original aims of the software ebook are maintained in this second edition. The project is intended to support microwave system designers and offers an alternative approach for the accurate design and specification of microwave components and systems for Electronic Warfare equipment.
This edition combines a conventional technical text book with a complementary interactive electronic book on a CDROM. Whilst the book stands alone as a practical microwave system design reference, the CDROM runs on a personal computer and contains 46 independent small software applications paralleling and building on the topics covered in the text. The software applications or applets, are intuitive, interactive graphical tools, which apply the design theory outlined in the book to produce accurate target models.
This book restructures and expands the technical manual provided in the first edition software package into nine chapters. All the original applets have been improved and nine new applets added.
The principal aims of this method of information presentation are to simplify microwave system design and to speed up the user understanding and learning process. The use of Java applets to explore difficult concepts has grown considerably in recent years and the advantages of truly interactive electronic books are now widely recognized.

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