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Java Powered Interactive Microwave Design

by Peter W. East

Novel ebook for professionals and students, published by Artech House, Inc in May 2005

This ebook toolbox exploits Java applets as a very convenient graphical method for not only calculating accurate design parameters, but also serving as a valuable interactive learning aid.
The microwave design topics have been selected to cover technical requirements likely to be met in the microwave radar and EW system design fields.
The applets are complete component or subsystem simulations and are backed up by short background summaries and derivations of the key analysis equations used to model the subject.
In most cases, there is a facility for saving design data to a built-in data console and extracting this to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications, or for incorporation directly into a customer design specification.

Note: This edition is no longer available from Artech House. It has been superceded by the more comprehensive but cheaper 2nd edition.
A fully hyperlinked HTML version is however available on the link below.

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Updated May 20th 2009